Thursday, April 15, 2010

San Diego show photos

I'm making an exception today by posting photos of other builders bikes. Here is a true triumph of traditional looks with modern materials. Nobody does it better than Bruce Gordon along with his team of highly skilled specialists: Mike Lopez , Chris the welder and Joe Bell painter extrodinaire. The fork, rack and brakes are all Gordons and the fork crown is machined titanium. Even the fenders are custom fabricated carbon fiber. The amount of work and though put into this bike is staggering.
Yip San's suicide shifter, a nod to late forties bicycle style.

More Yip San craftsmenship. Seems like 650 B randonneur bikes are getting some traction these days. When I rode P.B.P. in 1995 I didn't see any but I'll bet they were out there in the '50's and they'll be out there soon again.

Here's a tribute to the style of Bruce Gordon from Gallus cycles, a new builder from Texas and a real talent to be taken seriously. The photo dosen't do justice to the beauty of this bike when seen in person.

I wish I had taken more photos of the bikes. You'll just have to go there next year. It's not the biggest is certainly not the most well known but you can see the very best stuff from the veterans and the new talent in one small hall. The weather is nice in San Diego, too !

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