Wednesday, March 17, 2010

own a piece of history, or at least a really fancy bike.

Around six years ago I built this frame , fork and stem to try out my first set of Pacenti lugs and to commemorate twenty-five years since building my first frame. I also built it to show folks that I had the capeability of building a really fancy lugged frame if required to do so. It is now 2010 and I want to buy a bunch of tubing that I cannot afford so without ceremony, I am going to sell this rolling tribute to Alf Hetchins and all the really gaudy frames we love that came from England in the '60's and '70's . I'm asking $ 3,800 for the whole bike s shown. It is almost unridden inspite of its age. If you have questions about the bike, just email me . I'm also selling my single speed 'cross bike that was featured on this blog about this time last year. Both of these bikes were built for shows and although I like them and worked very hard and painstakingly on them, they stand in the way of bikes yet to be built.


Shawn said...

How much are you asking for the cross bike?

swiggco world said...

The 'cross bike is $ 2,500. It's a bling bling seat mast rifled tube paul component adorned battle-axe of the first order. I'll put up a photo in the next posting.