Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dahon Rohloff conversion

Ever see a 14 speed Dahon ? I'll bet not. I believe there are only two on the planet and I had a minor role in doing the conversion, just a little re-welding of bridges and spreading the rear triangle to 135 mm. Inspite of the short wheelbase and tiny wheels, this bike feels pretty safe to ride and has the smallest turning circle of any bike I have ever ridden. I must give some props to the mechanic who did all the mechanical work including sourcing parts and wheelbuilding. I don't know his name but the work was clean and the bike functions flawlessly. While it may not be a bike I built, I doubt I could have done much better of a job putting together a folding bike that has the features and ride of this one.

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Ayreel said...

My dad has one in the garage gathering dust. They are very capable and comfortable bikes.