Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Push bike for a one year old

I have built a bike for a 10 year old triathlete, a mountian bike for a 2 1/2 year old toddler but this is positively the smallest bike I have ever built. The frame is a replica of one of those wooden "Like a bike" push bikes that are currently so popular. If you look at the frame you can see that I started with a tange cro-mo road fork and built it up from there.....the front fork is one that I built a little too short so I chopped it, spread it and welded on some old plate dropouts that I had sitting in a box of leftover Bontrager pieces. The seat tube is from a BMX tubeset , the rest are various cro-mo straight guage aircraft tubes except the headtube which is another relic from the Bontrager junk box. The tube that hangs downward derectly behind the fork is a steering restrictor, something requested by the customer......even one year olds can be very specific.The whole thing looks like a leaping jaguar, or more appropriately , some sort of creature from a movie done with too much computer animation. It was fun and challenging to build.


Traffic Bikes said...

That's awesome, Paul. I'd love to see it built up.

Unknown said...

Thanks sweet....my 11 month old just told me she wants one - what will Mom say!