Thursday, January 28, 2010

7005 batch nearing completion

I know what is going to happen tomorrow......I presumably will finish these frames and ship them off to the heat treater before I get photos of them so I decided today to take a few last shots of them without paint. These four are completed with the sprint frame in the foreground.

Theses are the two that still need all the guides, bridges and bottle rivnuts , along with the final alignment.

Here they all are in a rather undignified pose on the floor. The racks on the wall are full of completed frames so the floor is all I have for anything in process. The shop gets extra messy during the last week of the month, especially when a batch is going. In the midst of this batch I had to stop and build a steel road frame.....for another builder-long story . I still have some October orders on the list to finish up after this batch, not to mention some repairs as well. The economic slowdown seems to have missed me this winter.....I'm not complaining .


Peter W. Polack said...

What's the reason for the batch build of aluminum frames? Is it a group order or are they for individual customers? Is it easier to build aluminum frames in batches versus other materials?

swiggco world said...

Aluminum frames need to be heat treated. It costs the same to heat treat one or six so I'll build a batch to keep the cost of heat treatment down. Also, the material is easier to build in a production style.....don't laugh...six frames is production for me !

Matsfro said...

"I still have some October orders on the list to finish up after this batch..."

This sentence made me very excited!

chris and hollie mcgovern said...

Oh my, I cant wait. we are a very lucky group of guys