Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blast from the present

This bike looked like 1915 all over again except for the fact that I just finshed assembling it yesterday. This bike is a "path racer" or at least , a modern version of the '50's and '60's fixed-gear road training bike primarily used in the U.K. . A Path racer has more relaxed geometry than a velodrome bike and fittings for fenders and racks. This bike will see duty on some very long rides, most notably a route from Seattle to San Diego. Doing this on a fixed gear is a pretty daunting task but at least this bike has two gears to choose from.
Yes, there is a front brake, a 'Racer" caliper from Paul Component Engineering. The matching lever is also from Paul's.

There is no provision for a rear brake , one just has to use thier legs.

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