Thursday, January 28, 2021

The largest steel road frame I have ever built

The rider of this frame is just a hair under 7'.  The fitter gave me some numbers that were off the chart and I knew that building this frame and fork would take all the brain power and resourcefulness that I could muster.
For one thing, with an effective top tube of 740 mm there were not many tubes long enough to build the frame. I was lucky that I had stocked up with some 38mm Vari-Wall down tubes-these worked well for the top and down tube. The head tube stock I was able to get in a 3' length.
There's really too much to talk about in the process of making this frame a reality- I had to use two frame jigs and figure out ways to make tooling work that was never intended for something on this scale. I am fortunate that I have a lot of tools and years at my disposal to attempt a build like this. I hope that the rider is pleased with it. It might be the only bike he has ever ridden that was big enough.

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