Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cycle speedway bike for the U.K.

Ever hear of cycle speedway ?- Niether had I. I guess the closest thing to this sport ever to happen in the U.S. was "Formula-one" , an ill-fated attempt at a new dirt bicycle race. Cycle speedway on the other hand has had a pretty long life in the U.K. and in Europe as well. Check it out on's wild. Super short track and lots of bumping in the corners seem to be what the sport is all about . This odd looking frame is what I was asked to build. The headtube is way short.....but not quite as short as the customer asked for ! I had to take a little poetic license. The bike will not have tires like this but some 1.5" slicks. There will be no brakes of any kind on the bike and it will have a single freewheel only. How do you slow down ? Just put your feet out and wait. Besides, it's all about speed and caveman simplicity.....brakes just slow you down.

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steve garro said...

what kind of geometry does something like that run?