Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old number 16

Do you remeber what you were doing in 1987 ? I was in a band playing in casinos and at weddings and building frames part time in my 160 square foot garage. This bike is # 16 , built about 7 months before I made the leap to fulltime framebuilder. The owner was in high school when he bought you can see he's got a family and is in his 30's ! The bike has had some work done on it over the years but most of the equipment is from the days before clipless pedals, shocks and many other things people expect to have on their bikes. The rims were rolled-down Mavic MA-2's from the Bontrager shop on South Rodeo Gulch road, many years before the sale to Trek. The flat-top seat tube with the forward facing binder was something I did on maybe my first 20 MTB frames, just to make them look a little more distinctive.


Angostura Bitters said...

Paul that has got to be an enormously satisfying thing to behold! #16 still a go!

Keep up the great work!

steve garro said...

you should start an "archive" gallery on your webpage! cool.... steve.

swiggco world said...

That's a good idea, Steve. I have some old photos from before I was fulltime and some really old ('70'S !) bikes and frames at the shop I could shoot. It could be like fixed gear gallery, how they have older postings brought back every few weeks .