Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lugged road frame ready to go to the painter

 After waiting a week for the last two braze ons, I'm at last done filing on this frame. Since it was June of 1978 when I completed my very first frame ( which I still have and ride occasionally ) I will call this the unofficial 35th anniversary frame. The owner does not know that I'm doing this but I don't think he will have a problem with the title of his new ride.
 I used some double oversize lugs from Nova cycles supply and found them really nice to work with. I feel lucky that stuff like these lugs are available so that I can take an idea from a customer and make it happen.
 I grafted diamond footings onto the 'V' shaped brake bridge......this was a first for me with this style of brake bridge......the parts are not supposed to fit together-hah !
The braze ons that delayed completion of this frame are visible on the underside of the dwontube. Yes, those are the Llewellyn stainless STI adjusters for a 35 mm downtube, also ordered from Nova. Every piece of hardware on this frame is top notch, right down to the Henry James stainless dropouts. Yes, I do say that I hate stainless but there are some stainless bits of frame hardware that don't fight me too fiercely in the building process.


alexstar said...

Well dang, Paul, that is gorgeous.

jch said...

not at all bothered by the title of the bike. beautiful work Paul, i'm officially honored that i'll be the owner of the unofficial 35th aniv bike.