Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lugged frame started

 Every micron of the surface of these lugs will be sculpted. I'm not looking to change the look of the lugs, only to refine it. These lugs actually have a pretty nice look out of the box but if someone is paying me to build a frame like this I feel duty bound to really spend the time to make it as nice as I can. this frame will take about 3-4 times the labor of a welded frame and I will devote most of this week to getting it together.
 This is the final fit up before brazing. I'm using some silver on this lug but will use bronze on the seat lug and some of the other attachments. The fit of the tubes in the lug is pretty nice-just right for silver solder. I burnt a bit of the flux......it has been a few years since I have brazed lugs. Removal of the flux will reveal how good a job I did.

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steve garro said...

Nice to see you not kick that out in a day!
Makes me feel a *little* better.....