Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lugged frame......continued.

 Today was 'complete the front triangle' day. I normally can put together a tig welded front end in a couple of hours. This was an all day job and really, I had started it yesterday !
Fitting does not take that much time......that is until you add the lugs. The angles are seldom correct so some persuasion is needed-a bit of blacksmithing to get the lugs to cooperate. 
 The other part of the equation is all the filing to make the lugs thin and elegant. This is not something needed for structural purposes but if someone is paying me to make a lugged frame, I owe them some elbow grease as part of the deal.
 I got a nice cut on my right hand from this little bastard......all part of the experience.
Here's the final fit up. Now it is a bit of prep and then light the torch.


jc luddite said...

no BB shell?

those lugs look like mine...nice.

swiggco world said...

the customer wanted PF-30.....made my life a lot easier ! I gave him a discount for it.