Saturday, June 1, 2013

CX frame for a new addition to the team

 I used to race against this rider years ago. More accurately, when I started CX racing, this particular rider used to lap me nearly every weekend. I was always impressed with how natural he looked in an event where most people were visibly uncomfortable and struggling. He's one of those racers who makes it look easy.
 He never raced on anything but steel bikes. Now he will have this frame, a 7005 Eaton ultralite 2 lb. 15 oz. version. I really hope it feels like something that he can return to racing on after a several year layoff . Most likely this will have a single chainring with double guards, hence the extra crimp on the drive side chain stay.
This frame is made with the lightest tube set I currently offer and is only a few ounces heavier than the scandium version of years past. No I get to ride in a supportive role for this rider......I hope I can just stay out of his way !


steve garro said...

Mountain Larry?

swiggco world said...

good guess. Mark Abele.

dolan said...

Wow, getting passed by Larry sure brings back memories. That guy was (and probably still is) an animal.