Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aluminum road frame , extra small

 This frame is for the guy who has been my book keeper for about 28 years. He's really good at what he does and I appreciate his good work over the years. I hope he appreciates the bike I am constructing for him.
 It might look like a dirt jumper but it is a 13 1/2" road frame. The top tube is 54.4 cm as this guy has an inseam of 26 1/2 inches so he is mr. torso extreme at 5'4 1/2".  The frame weighs 2 lb. 11 oz and will be built up with the new Ultegra 6800 group. I'll probably build the wheels as well.
The bike will see most of its duty in Carmel Valley and on the Big Sur coast......pretty incredible riding all around.

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