Friday, May 17, 2019

650 MTB for sale

When it rains it pours- here's another bike for sale. This is an aluminum 27.5 non-boost 2016 MTB with an XT build. It has King hubs laced to Mavic 319 rims, Fox F-32 120 mm fork, Ritchey carbon riser bar with a Thomson stem. If you are 5'7" and looking for a nice cross country bike you can get this one for $ 2,650. New it would be over $ 5,000 and it is in near new condition. Contact info for the owner is 831-234-5606 or  and his name is Jerry. He has a fleet of bikes and is looking to downsize a bit. The bike is not at the shop so contact Jerry if you want to check it out.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Steel disc road frame for Di II

 This is becoming a thing- disc brakes on the road. There are advantages besides just the stopping power. The ability to get a little bigger on the tires is a nice plus.
 The hydraulic line for the flat mount rear caliper goes inside the down tube. There's a steel tube that the line fits into so that you don't have to do a major fishing expedition to get the line installed.
The frame will be fitted with an Enve disc/road fork. The idea is to make a bike that will take 30-32 tires but still have a fairly short wheelbase. This frame is probably going to see a bit of dirt in between the time on pavement.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tracklocross Schnozola for sale

 Yes, you can own the last of the red-hot Schnozolas. This is a fat tire fixed gear- think of the fun you'll have trying not to endo. The frame, fork and stem were built by me- the powdercoat on the frame was done by my partner in crime, Bruce Gordon. Bruce has quit and no longer has a shop so the seven Schnozolas in the world might be it. If you are about 5'10" you might like this unique bike that was built for the handbuilt show about 4 years ago. I'm looking to get $ 1,800. It has some nice stuff on it and it has not been ridden much. You can call me at the shop at 831-429-8010 or email me at   I'll even put a front brake on it for you if you want.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

7005 aluminum 650 Boost MTB

 This one is going to a local rider who is also on the CX team. She is a pretty fearsome downhiller, having won Downieville back in the day. Maybe this bike will mark her return to the Sierras.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

two complete used bikes for sale.

 I'm selling both of these bikes for an old customer- he's got quite a fleet and needs to shrink the inventory. This bike is a 650 MTN in aluminum. It is mostly XTR with some XT,  carbon Easton bars and seat post, King headset and Stan's rims. The wheels are QR as this bike predates the thru-axle era by just a bit. The bike was built for a 5'7" rider and is very light. Asking price is $ 3,000 but I'm told that a reasonable offer would be OK.

 This road bike was originally built for my sister. It has some US Easton tubing, some of it is Scandium. The equipment is Campagnolo 11 spd. a mixture of record and Chorus. The Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels have recently been completely rebuilt. The bike is in spotless condition and has a Kestrel carbon fork. The asking price is $ 3,000. Both of these bike have been very well maintained and have been completely gone through before putting them up for sale. If you are interested just give me a call at the shop at 831-429-8010 or email me at

Saturday, April 6, 2019

650 Boost MTB frame in 7005

 This is a stout frame made for fairly rough trail riding. The bike will most likely run 2.4 tires, not that big but fairly large for cross country use.

Team CX 7005 frame for local

In case you  were wondering what shape the latest team frame would take, here it is. As of this year of 2019 I think I have a winning combo of new features. Yes, I have built others like this earlier but only a few so far- probably only 4-5 at this time.

The top tube has been ovalized in two planes with one section being flattened for more comfort when shouldering. I'm pretty late in the game adding this feature but I had to find suitable tubes before I could pull it off. it will now be a standard feature on the race frames.
Another feature is actually the absence of an old one- the seat stay bridge is gone- at the top of the seat stays there is a small plate gussett to strengthen the area where the stays meet the seat tube. More stress is put on this area with the removal of the bridge so this plate at the top of the stays disperses that stress and adds a little stiffness to the rear triangle. Finally , the flat mount brake with internal down tube routing is something I have been switching to in the last 6 months . The result is the sleekest version of the team frame yet.