Thursday, July 5, 2018

CX race frame for a junior in Boulder, Colorado

This is the last frame in a batch of eight. I am nearly done with the pre-season CX builds, only one more aluminum and a couple more steel frames yet to build but the shop move looms large on the horizon. I might start moving as soon as next week. I'm really hoping that the shop will only lose a few days of productivity.
 This frame is Di II and has a flat mount rear brake mount. The weight is a scant 2 lb. 15 oz as it is only  a 44 cm frame for a very young rider. It is full race, though- just as serious a ride as what I build for people racing at the highest levels of the sport. Should make for some great photos.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Aluminum CX race frame for a team rider

 This is going to be a model on the new website ( when that finally happens- it's me who is holding up the process ) I'll be overhauling the range of frames so that they represent what I am building now. Frames like this and the road equivalent are most of what I build every week.
 The tubing is Dedacciai as usual and the dropouts and flat mount are from Ahrens designs. I feel lucky that these parts exist for a builder like me- there are probably only a few customers in the US who build with this stuff. I don't understand why there aren't more builders using aluminum .
 With luck this one will be in Louisville in December at the CX nationals , along with the rest of the team.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Aluminum single speed CX frame for bay area shop owner

 I was lucky to have one pair of Ahrens slider dropout bodies in stock to build this frame. The weight is not bad- 3 lb. 8 oz. for a frame with some hefty hardware in the rear triangle. This frame will be raced quite a bit.
 The top tube is my very last NOS US made Easton elite 34.8 diameter tube. I used to have boxes of these tubes but they are now totally extinct, at least in this size. The rest of the frame is Dedaccai 7000 series.
The seat stays are some s-bend Nova ones that I am using for the first time. The are pretty nicely bent and are stout enough for the hard use this frame will see.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Yes, I am going to be in the belly of the beast in Sacramento this coming March. Look for me in booth 934. I will not be showing Schnozola bikes like in the photos but I will have some current stuff on display- some of it will even be for sale. You never know, I might have something that could be the prefect impulse purchase that could cause possible domestic disharmony........

Friday, June 29, 2018

Disc-road frame for S.F. Di II in steel

 I always have liked British racing green and this customer spec'd some tan decals- really one of the most attractive color combos on a frame so far this year.
 The frame is made for Di II Shimano and also has rack mounts for utility. The tire room will be generous as the frame is built for a CX-length fork. The frame still retains shorter road bike chain stays so it really is for the pavement and not for mixed terrain, although it would probably handle some fire road riding quite well.
Now I have to get to the shop so that the customer can pick up the frame in person.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Aluminum flat-bar commuter for east bay

 Flat mount disc brakes front and rear, seat post, bar,stem and fork painted to match. This should be a really light and stylish ride.
 The fork is and Enve GRD that should take about a 35 tire, maybe a touch bigger if it is a road tread.
It would have been nice to set it up with the bar and stem but I didn't want to risk scratching the was pretty windy when I set this up for the photo !

Monday, June 25, 2018

The next frame in the batch

 Here's another CX frame in the aluminum batch. 3 lb. 4 oz. of shred. This frame is 100% Dedaccai 7000 tubing and will be going to a local racer who has many victories to his credit over the last 3 odd decades. He said he doesn't have big plans to try to equal last season but I think if he takes a relaxed approach he will probably eclipse what he did last year-even though that in itself would be pretty hard to do.
 The dropouts and flat mount hardware is from Mike Ahrens - wothout Mike I think that the few of us who are building custom aluminum frames would be having to make our own dropouts and brake mounting hardware. Having done a bit of machining this year on some custom bits I'll tell you that it is a job better left to those who have lots of experience.
 This is # 2 in a batch that should number around 6-7 when all is said and done.
After this batch and some other repairs and steel work I'll be filling this empty space with my shop. Yes, this is a sneak peek at the new space- it has a pretty good echo right now. My shop will take on a new look- the old place had history......lots of it. The new place will have an actual planned flow to it.....less chaotic and hopefully a taste more efficient. I'm getting old so I need a system that helps my aging skeleton through the rigors of taming metal.