Wednesday, September 18, 2019

7005 CX race frame going to Il.

 This is the newest version of the team CX frame- one of many I have built in the last few months. This one has a painted to match Enve fork and the new King 'dropset' integrated headset.
 The frame will also do some miles in gravel events which are becoming very popular all over the country. It seems that the midwest has a wealth of dirt and gravel roads making it a good area for bikes like this.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Small steel gravel/endurance frame and fork

 Built in a classic style with the straight steerer fork, threaded BB shell and rim brakes, this small frame has tubing diameters that suit the smaller rider. My goal was to make a frame that was not going to have a rough ride for the long miles it will be putting in. The smaller diameter top and down tube should help.
 The color is "Cascade blue", the powdercoat equivalent of what I have on my own touring bike that I displayed and the NAHBS last March in Sacramento.
The stainless Salsa dropouts have been a staple on my frames for nearly 20 years.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Team CX bike for a local

 Just got this one built up in time for the Old Growth classic, the local gravel event. Not sure where she finished up but I'm sure that the owner of this bike was in the action at the front.
 The bike is fitted with Easton cranks, wheels, post ,stem and bars- We are really happy with the support that Easton has continued to give the team since its beginning in 2004.

The drive train is Ultegra 8000 hydraulic with flat mount calipers. Other nice bits are the Chris King BB and headset in Turquoise- King has also been a steadfast sponsor of the team and this season is no exception.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Gravel/CX aluminum frame for Florida

 Here's the latest incarnation of the team issue frame- but there are some extras:
 For one, it is not in the team color. Also, the stem, seat post and a pump barrel were painted to match along with the Enve CX fork.

The other feature is the internal top tube rear der. housing ports. I think that this is the second frame I have done this on- not something I intend to have as a stock feature but it does lend to the uncluttered look of this frame- minimal guides of any kind for a non- Di II setup.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

An old project comes back to the shop

 Yes, this is indeed a full suspension frame that I built nearly 20 years ago. It was in collaboration with Mike Ahrens who to this day produces many of the aluminum parts that I and other builders use for frame construction. Little did I know when I built this and other bikes with Mike that it would lead to an association that would last more than two decades.
 For a time while Mike was in college he worked for Risse racing. For a senior project Mike got the idea to build a full suspension mountain bike-this was around 1997. Mike approached me about making the frame and I agreed to do it. After the initial frame we went on to make about another 10-15 frames together of this design , more or less. I also built some hard tails and other frames for Mike as did Jason Grove.

This particular bike wound up at MOMBAT at First Flight bicycles in Statesville, NC. When the MOMBAT collection was to be sold off one of the employees of Santa Cruz bikes bought this bike and it is now back in Santa Cruz. For most of its life this bike was a display item. Now it looks like it will finally do some time on the trails in the redwoods where the inspiration for many mountain bikes happened back in the early '80's.
2019 has been the year were old projects such as this have re-surfaced and come back to my shop . So far I have seen bikes from the very early years of my history and ones like this-while not the oldest, represent a time when I was willing to take on more adventurous work-a time when mountain bikes were in the middle of an was an evolution that I mostly stayed out of with this exception and maybe one other. The good thing about building this and other bikes with Mike is that I wound up with a very important ally for building aluminum frames and a good friend in Mike Ahrens. He has evolved into a behind the scenes person who drives the forward progress of frame building supplies for aluminum builders everywhere.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Two crowned build

 This steel big-tire CX frame and fork has a unique feature of having a fork crown to make the seatstay wishbone. I have never done one like before. This design was a request from the customer, right down to the paint accents. The frame has an older look but set up for modern components.

This really isn't a pure retro frame but something with a retro look that will have thru-axles and disc brakes. I'm interested to hear how it performs out on the trails.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

small steel gravel frame for Texas

 This one is going to a 5'3" rider and will be doing the long mixed-terrain miles in events all over the central part of the USA.
 The crown was my last Pacenti PBP model- that was until Steve Garro graciously sent me a whole stock of new ones. I guess they are available again from a supplier in Portland, Oregon.
The owner opted for post mount brakes , a little easier to set up and still very plentiful. The frame wound up very light, even though it is made for abusive conditions.