Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"cross frame for so-Cal does double duty

 This frame is pretty much a normal 7005 aluminum race model with a 44 mm i.d. head tube and a PF-30 bottom bracket.
The thing that will make this one do the job of two frames is an adaptor eccentric that fits into the PF-30 shell. This allows the frame to be run as a single speed without a chain tensioner. The owner of this frame requested the setup. I'm curious to see how it will perform.
This frame has one of my last 7005 NOS US  made Easton 40 mm downtubes. By next week I will have used the last one. Time to source something else after all these years. I still have about 70 top tubes. I will not stop building aluminum frames no matter how much the industry markets carbon fiber.

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Eric said...

So stoked Paul!! Looks great!

Jim Macdonald from sent out the eccentric and a crankset this morning to ya, so you can check out the whole she-bang!

Super excited! Thanks again man made my week!