Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Junior team CX race frames

I think there's probably 3-4 Nor-Cal district champions on our junior CX team. Both of these guys are real talents and hopefully 2021 will see a CX race season. Both of these frames are 7005 aluminum and weigh about 3 lbs.
I'm starting off 2021 with a small batch of aluminum but will go right back to steel soon, maybe next week. The steel side of the list is over twice as long as the aluminum side now so I really need to get rolling . I have made plans to shrink my work schedule a bit but those plans have not been implemented quite yet. With the upcoming shop move I really have to keep things going for awhile- maybe by the time I get into my new shop I can breathe a bit easier. Being a senior citizen has made me think that my capacity for doing so much is decreasing and I really don't want to hit the wall- I would like to keep the quality level as high as possible ........that does not happen when one is stressed to meet unrealistic deadlines. I hope that everyone can be patient !


Sunday, January 3, 2021

Special orders don't upset us....

At least in this case it was not upsetting. A local rider requested a rim-brake steel CX frame and fork with a few non-standard features. For one, the fork is a crowned design- one which I do build regularly but not that much for this type of frame. Next feature that is seldom part of a CX frame are the wishbone seat stays.
While these things might not appear on most of my steel CX bikes they are well within my comfort zone to do and they don't take away from the functionality of this frame. The fork looks like it has chrome accents but it is actually a powdercoat color called 'Superchrome' . It really has the look of nickel plating. I'm not sure how durable it is but it looks pretty nice in this case. It might be fun to build a lugged track frame and fork and have the whole thing with this finish. Maybe that might happen later this year, provided it does not get in the way of fulfilling orders for people on the list.
The frame also has three sets of bottle bosses and there are eyelets for front and rear racks. Perhaps there's a bike tour in this frames future.