Thursday, June 27, 2013

'cross frame for Wisconsin

 Other than the downtube cable routing this is pretty much a typical 7005 'cross frame. There's a small headtube extension and the chainstays are a few mm's longer than stock . The frame will have a variety of uses besides racing- gravel grinders and the like. The heat tube will accommodate a tapered steerer fork.
 This is the first frame fully built in the new jig. I'm getting used to the new order of tasks.....really reminds me of the method used where I teach. There's nothing wrong with the way I used to do things but the new jig is opening up possibilities of  refinement in time management.
Oh, other feature on this frame that is unusual-the seat slot is on the front of the seat tube, a blast from the MTB past.

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ZiDD said...

how will this handle if used as a road bike for rough roads?