Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kathleen's bling machine

I have not finished assembling this bike but i got impatient and took photos anyway. I was struck by the dark richness of the gold Paul Component hubs, crank and brakes. We get custom anodized Paul's stuff for our cyclocross team. The 'Cross single speed world championships will be at Golden Gate park in nearby San Fransisco and we will have at least four people riding in the event, including this bike.
The Mavic reflex CD rims will be fitted with Challenge Grifo-32 tubulars. I'm sure the bike will come in at a low weight but all the parts are designed to take a beating. The fork is the new Ritchey WCS 'cross and a number of out elite riders will be trying them out, as will I-an old non-elite.

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Angostura Bitters said...

that bike makes me want to take my clothes off!!!