Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This week so far

I finished up two steel 'cross frames and built these two forks today. On frame will go to a rider who is all legs. The other smaller frame is going to a man who has some new shifting system that will be debuted very soon, like in a few weeks. I'm hoping that our team gets a few sets to try.
This is the taller frame. Both are my tig Euro model and they weigh about 4 lbs. each and are made from a mix of Reynolds 725 and True Temper OX gold and platinum. Light and solid is what I hope these will be.
I kept the rear stays pretty straight on the taller frame as the thinner tubes do not like to be bent very much. Also, with such a tall frame not much of a bend is needed in the seat stays.

I had a little more poetic license with the smaller frame as I used some thicker wall seat stays that can take a couple of bends without buckling. The frame was still pretty light at 3 lb. 15 oz.


steve garro said...

Beautiful classic bikes, paul!
Are those the prestige uni blades?
- Garro.

swiggco world said...

those are the uni v-1.2 blades from Nova. They look just like normal CX uniblades but they are heavier and they don't break.....unlike some other ones I have used. The prestige blades I have are MTB and they are round, not oval. Bruce still has some in stock.

Adam said...

Beautiful, don't think I will break that anytime soon! :)

Everything is running well with the shifters. You (and I)should be riding them by the end of the month!


Zac said...

Paul, is this the same fork you built me? What's the rake? Zac