Tuesday, August 9, 2011

U.B.I. class of 08/11

This is the fourth class I have taught at UBI so far and this group is working at a faster pace than any class I have instructed. It isn't just one or two accelerated students, it is pretty much the whole group. I feel very lucky to be able to teach at UBI and even more so with a class like this.
No matter what, the experience here is very rewarding and it helps me become a more organized thinker.....a great side benefit. As always , I hae to build a frame along with the eight students. This frame, a steel 29er will be property of UBI and will get ridden by the staff. I'm happy to build them a frame that I hope will be useful i the future.
This student came from Canada and was one of five international students in the class. There is a bit of a language barrier with a couple of the students but they are not deterred by this, they just put on the helmet and weld away until tey get it right.
Even the boss , Ron Sutphin came in and taught mitering on the Bridgeport today. The school is a result of his vision and ability to get like-minded folks on the staff. This might be the best school of its kind anywhere.

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Joel said...

I loved the time I spent at UBI and recommend it to everybody who asks about framebuilding.