Sunday, August 14, 2011

UBI class, one more time

Here's the fully finished frame I constructed with the class which I dubbed the " Corntrager Cobb Mtn. " No particular reason.....I did come up with other names but this one stuck.
One student from South Korea made this tiny MTB frame for his wife. She must be about five feet tall tops.
The class is assembled here to demonstrate the alignment table and the pros and cons of trying to get the frame as straight as possible. Bending metal is never a good thing , especially when really tiny mis-alignments would be hard to detect while riding. It gets to a point of diminishing returns if one really does a lot of cold-bending on a frame.
All of the final prep tools were laid out on my desk on the final day. A couple of folks were prepping their frames with only minutes to spare. It's amazing how fast two weeks can go by.

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