Monday, May 10, 2010

An old school color

Back in 1989 neon colors were the thing to have. Way back before shocks, clipless pedals , rapid fire shifters the big concern for folks was color : The color of the bike, components , whatever. The brighter the color, the better. This frame is actually neon orange , even though the photos don't come close to showing how really blindingly bright and shiny this 29er single speed turned out. When neon died in the early '90's , I was happy to see it go. Now I'm really happy to see it back with attitude. There really is nothing that screams out " Hey, can't miss this !" like neon orange. It's like 1989 all over again.


Little_Jewford said...

Nice! Reminds me of the Grove Innovations bikes ( I lusted after when I got into MTBing during my days at Penn State.

Now just splatter on some yellow and green before it goes out!

Ric said...

Orange and 3-D Violet...that's the stuff. Worst case I remember from the 'bad-old-days'; Tinker Juarez's Klein--everything was purple (sorry--I meant 3DV). It was a thing of terrible beauty.

So, OK, a little grape or orange can't hurt us, but let's not jump into the Hot Tub Tim Machine...because it wasn't pretty.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

love, love, love the orange. orange bicycles are fast.

edwin bicycles said...

orange is great! more orange!!