Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The very last Team Carbon ??

Easton has discontinued this particular carbon-stay rear end so in effect, this will be the very last Team carbon frame with this configuration. That said, Columbus and Dedaccai both make a similar carbon stay kit that i have used and will be using in the future. The new feature on this frame is the larger headtube that accepts the tapered-steerer forks that are now required in frames for the European market. I can now build frames for the Cane Creek headset and the King 'Inset" out of aluminum.....something I have been waiting to be able to do for almost two years. While the larger headtube is not very sleek looking, it will integrate into some oversize tubing a bit better . A frame with this setup and a BB-30 would be pretty current, although by September I'm sure a whole boatload of new standards will be on display at the trade shows. I'm doing my best to keep up with it all but it is king of silly how all of the tools are piling up and becoming obsolete after a year or so.

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