Friday, May 28, 2010

Last frames of May

In the last three weeks I have built nine frames. These are the last six, four of which were built this week. I have been working super hard trying to get back on schedule and I think I'm making headway after many weeks of slow-going and delays. This batch is all Easton 7005 and pretty much a mixed bag for the most part. There's a 29er s/s , a road frame, a track frame and three 'cross frames. I decided to feature this mass-start track frame as it has some new dropouts that I have had access to as of late. They are aluminum with stainless bolt-on faces, something I have been wanting for a long time. Hopefully this will be a part that I can use regularly in the future.

The customer specified semi-aero pear-shaped top and downtubes. The rest was up to me.

Here's a detail of the dropouts.....yes, ther is a screw missing. I'm looking for it, trust me !

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