Saturday, October 3, 2020

Party like 1989

When this customer asked for a splatter paint job I was not sure if the local painters could figure out how to capture the look. This style of paint was really popular about 30-33 years ago and was mostly a mountain bike thing. I think that one of my local painters -Joe's bicycle painting- really came up with the goods this time. This is a really authentic late '80's splatter job , executed perfectly. The base color is a black metallic powdercoat. The frame has to be in the direct sunlight to see the subtle metallic quality but it is there.
This is a gravel frame going to Austin, Tx. I seem to have a small following there , not that I have been there often- only once for the CX nationals a few years ago. I had a pretty good time there and got to see much of the city. There are a lot of bike shops......most of them are really large. The owner of this frame works at one of the shops but it isn't one that I visited. I hope he likes the frame.


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