Sunday, October 11, 2020

27.5 SSMTB frame in steel

Paragon makes a few options for adjustable dropouts but the most elegant and compact are the 'Rocker' model. They may not have the adjustment range of the 'Slider' but they are less expensive and look a little tidier.
There are a number of different inserts. On this frame you'll find the no-der-hanger right side and post-mount left side. Welding these dropouts to the frame is more involved than some other dropouts but not having to weld on a brake mount saves time so it works out time wise.
Like most of my MTB frames, this one has the Nova Cycles wishbone seat stays- a feature my frames have had since 1987 , although back then I had to bend the tubes myself in a very primitive way. This frame also has dropper post routing and there are no lines or cables on the top tube so it has a very clean look.

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