Sunday, October 11, 2020

Classic Euro CX frame and for for Lancaster, Pa.

After not building hardly any frames like this last year , 2020 is a year where I am back at it building the classic rim brake CX frames. This style has been my stock and trade for several decades and in that time has been my most popular model.
This one has fittings for fenders so it can be a good commuter as well as a race frame. The crowned fork is an item I seem to be building every month. With all the great crowns available I'm happy to make these pretty much any time. I used to not be keen on making forks until I got my Anvil fork jig - it has been a real pleasure to work with. Although they are no longer produced every once in awhile one shows up used for sale. If you want to build great forks you should be on the lookout for one.
Speaking of the fork, this one has a Pacenti 'Artisan' crown and these are available from Frambuilder's Source in Portland. The blade and steerer fit is very good so they are nice to work with. Back in the '70's and '80's the crowns we used had to be augered out to fit the tubes- a major time toilet. I'm glad that quality stuff is available now, even if I had to wait half my career for it to show up.

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