Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big tire road frame for S.F. rider

 This woman is pretty tall and likes to have the bars and saddle about the same height-this is the reason for the longer head tube.Although it is hard to see, there's a chainstay bridge with a fender mount. the bike should be able to have 700x28 tires and full fenders.
 The straight blade crowned fork is something I have always liked the look of and the little window on the side of the crown provides a spot for color.
 The placement of the panels is the customer's idea-something I would have never thought up. I think it really gives a modern look to this frame and sets it apart from anything I have built in awhile.
Here's a closer look at the fork and head tube. The gussett on the down tube will help make the frame last a long time and not be bothered by the occasional trolley track.

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