Thursday, February 14, 2013

Steel 29er for bay area

 It was late in the day and too dark to take photos of this one outside. Hopefully you'll get the idea from these dimly lit photos. I think this one ranks up there in terms of least for me.
 It's amazing how replacing and/or cleaning lenses in the welding mask can open up new ( or old ) levels of precision. In other words, welding blind is not the best procedure. The slow degradation of my welding mask didn't really become obvious until recently.
 Now I feel like I really can see....I thought that I might have been going blind or having macular degeneration. Turns out that I'm not that kind of degenerant....maybe another kind altogether.
I didn't weigh this one...suffice to say that it is sturdy and should be hard to hurt. Should steer nicely, too.

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