Thursday, February 28, 2013

Old tubes put to work

 As a long time frame builder I have had years of accumulation in my shop-much of it is tubing like this. Easton made a handful of this oval-to-diamond shape stuff and I wound up with a couple sets, along with some odds and ends that might never make it into the finished product.
This is a case where a few overlooked tubes actually did wind up in a frame, although the future of this frame has not been determined as of this writing. Any number of folks might ride this in any number of unnamed future events. First what I have to do is finish the batch,get it all heat treated and painted. After that I think I'll know where this one is going....even if it is going into my own garage !
the tubeset is Easton 7000 Ultralite. I have only built a few frames from this stuff but it is pretty light. This frame as you see it ( With dropouts from Ahrens design group) weighs just 2 lb. 12 oz. -It is equivalent to a 56 cm size. If you see someone riding it, chances are it will be me......for the first few weeks anyway!

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