Wednesday, January 30, 2013

another S-3 road frame, this one for Colorado

 Yea , though I weld through the valley of paper thin steel I do not fear.....well.... I do fear-therefore I go slowly and make sure I do not blow huge craters in this stuff. Here's the result and it is not too shabby.
 This one is about 3 lb. 8 oz., a lot like the last one with some slightly different tubes. This rider is really light so I went with the ubiquitous S-3 teardrop shaped top tube. It is hella light and is a nice compliment to the bi-oval S-3 downtube.
This frame has a press-fit 30 BB shell provided by the customer. He'll have someone prep in once it gets to Colorado as I do not have the proper cutter. The rest has been prepped and the frame will be shipped as you see it. The customer is taking the frame to Spectrum powderworks as they are the local masters.

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