Friday, February 24, 2012


A long time ago....about 1979 I was working in a bike shop where the owner had a Stella folding bike. it was the most unstable scary bike to ride-naturally I wanted to buy it. Of course, the owner wouldn't sell it so I had to fashion my own. I got a bunch of scrap tubing and in one day put together this frame and fork. True to it's predecessor , this thing is really scary to ride. It has recently been restored by the third owner. I took it for a short spin and immediately remembered the flexy, unstable magic of this odd machine. It was called the 'Stella-matic" and I think it was about the 9th frame I had built. This photo is of the Stellamatic as of 2012 with a fresh rattle-can paint job.


Unknown said...

Cor Blimey! That would make a killer hour record rig.


Erik said...

Can't help but smile and scratch my head looking at the strange little bike!

veloliebe said...

Now it is with me in Germany :-)))

greetings Daniel