Saturday, February 11, 2012

Single speed # 1, early 1987

Old #1 is back in the shop-I bought it back from owner # 4. I guess I'm just sentimental as this archaic old bike isn't much use to me-that said I jumped at the opportunity to get it back.
The original fork is long gone-the pedals have been changed, but all the rest of the components are original .
The first 5-6 of these that I built had 26" front wheels and 24" rear, most of the rims being rolled down Mavics or Super Champion 58's courtesey of Bontrager. This bike had one of the first Bontrager forks-one with raked blades, no less. The point of the 24" rear wheel was to make the bike accelerate a little easier-it did just that and the added plus was that the 24" rims were virtually indestructable. This original rear wheel is almost 25 years old and still nice and round. How many 25 year old wheels do you have that are still rideable ?


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

super cool!

virag said...

that is awesome! i'm sure you are wicked psyched to have that back. still a blast to ride, i bet, too.