Monday, February 13, 2012

1982 Sadoff frame

Yes, before Rock Lobster I built a number of bikes under my own name. I think this one is # 14 but I'll have to check my records. I built it in the spring of 1982 while I was working at the Bicycle Trip in Santa Cruz. I had no jigs and only a handful of tools in those days so it took a lot of hours to build this one. It is all Columbus s.l. with some Henry James lugs and a Cinelli BB and fork crown. The seat lug is a Tange....really rare item.

Before S.T.I. I saw a shifter innovation on a bike at a shop in L.A. I liked it so much that when I started building I made a point of trying it out for myself. It really works well.

I just got interviewed on a cycling specific talk show on a station in Ohio. Here's the link to listen to the broadcast. I'm featured in the last 30 minutes or so. check it out.