Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Handmade bike show preview

For those of you not going to the show, here's some of what I will be bringing. This is a bike I built for doing double centuries back in 1991. It has a remarkable paint job done by Mark Bunten, alias "Dr. Deltron". You don't see work like this much any more.
Yes, this is a real randonneur bike and I rode Paris-Brest -Paris on it equipped pretty much as you see it here. It was built specifically for the event in 1995 .The rack and light have long since been sold or given away.I don't do this kind of riding any more......I don't regret doing the rides, though.
Here's a few views of Rock Lobster MTB # 2 from 1984. I lost track of this frame for over 20 years but just got it back and restored it to pretty close to its original state with some help from First Flight Bikes in Statesville, N.C.
I'm really happy to be able to display my very first frame all the way up to something I just built a few weeks ago-essentially 1978 to 2021. I never knew I would be devoting my life to this craft but it sure has been fun. I hope the exhibit is interesting to the folks at the show. If not, I had some fun putting it all together !

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Lucky Man said...

All three of those bicycles are damn sweet. But especially that mountain bike. So cool!