Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busting ass

This 29er is for one of our team riders who lives locally in Scott's Valley, Calif. He's been a strong rider for about 30 plus years so hopefully this sturdy chassis won't let him down. It will be very stiff .

this road frame is going to the east coast. It has some of the last Scandium tubes I have in stock and I'm likely to run out by the mid-summer. This frame weighs 2 lbs. 11 oz. It should rip up hills.

This 29er is maybe the smallest one I have built so far. It is built for an 80 mm fork like mine and will be ridden in the dry hills near Bakersfield, Calif. I had fun putting this one together and I'm really interested in hearing how it rides.

This stout little frame should have room for a 2 .35 " tire in the rear....larger than I would use but then, I live in redwood forest country and it isn't too rocky.
Here's the batch ready to box up and send to the heat treater.....this was about six business days work.


velocb said...

Thanks Paul for all the hard work to get that sweet looking road frame done! I am soooo stoked for it. Looks beautiful!

CB2 said...

Cool looking seatstays on the 29er