Thursday, August 18, 2011

Really tall steel frame

This frame is for a rider of about 6'8" if I remember right. The customer came up with these tasteful pastel shades and panel scheme. I like how subtle it turned out. It doesn't scream "Rock Lobster !" at you, it politely informs you if you care to look.
I also made a matching fork but it didn't make it into the photo session today. All I can say is that this rider will finally have a bike tall enough to ride.


Manley Man said...

I'm 6'9" and ride a custom frame with a 23.5cm HT and 63.5 TT. What are the measurements on this frame?

velodunc said...

When i get the frame i will measure it. I'm the customer for this bike. The frame is built with a higher bottom bracket to make room for 215mm crankarms. Do you use a standard crank size?

Manley Man said...

I use a 180mm crank. Tried a 185mm and it felt too long...and I'd bang them through corners at crit races.