Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Single speed disc-only 'cross bike

This frame is bound for Chicago and will get an MTB disc fork in carbon. The customer told me that Ritchey makes one in a 409 mm axle to crown length, not much longer than a standard cyclocross fork. This will allow the bike to take a really big tire up front if needed and makes the bike a little more versatile.The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.
I put the ususal curves in the stays but since they are all bent by hand, they are unique to each bike. I had a little more poetic license with the seat stays as there was no brake boss placement issue.
I didn't wiegh this frame but it felt pretty light for a slider equipped 'cross frame in steel. The light weight is due to the OX True Temper tubes. The head tube is a bit short as the extra 14 mm of fork make it necessary , almost like a 29er for a shorter rider.
The chain stays are Reynolds 725, my favorite for 'cross and road frames , mainly for the tire room and stiffness of the material.

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Jane said...

I just bought a Dahon folding bike. I love how bikes are so eco-friendly apart from being incredible exercise.

Do check out this vid, think you'll find it interesting: