Friday, March 4, 2011

Father and son 29er

This build was an unusual request. The father and son are almost the same height, just about 6'4".The issue is that the son is 14 years old and could wind up 6'7" in a few years. I did the best I could to 'split the difference' , so to speak. At least for now, both will be able to enjoy the bike.
All the tubes in this frame are NOS Easton Elite, most from 1997-98. I'm still in posession of quite a bit of this great material but I know that I'll be really sad when I run out.
Both the upper and lower yokes are Ahrens units made of 7005 billet. I had to cut the lower one down to get the room for the big 29er tire. This bike will hold 2.3's with room to spare.

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