Friday, January 25, 2013

S-3 mix steel road frame

 If there's a lighter way to build a reliable road frame I have not found it yet. This one tips the scale at 3 lb. 6 oz. as you see it. It is really stiff and should give a long and a stable ride.
 Every tube in this frame has a super high heat treat. The downtube wall at the center of the tube is .35 mm ! You can almost squeeze the tub with your fingers. That said, folks who ride this tube have raved about the stiffness and ride quality.
The Ritchey dropouts are appropriate as this rider works for Ritchey design. The frame will be paired with-you guessed it - a Ritchey WCS carbon road fork. I'm thinking that my next road frame will be nearly identical to this one.

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Rick Williams said...

How do think this compares to your recent Max frame?
Both look great!