Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Belt-drive, beeatch.

A close look at this frame will reveal the seatstay-splitter. This is a giveaway sign that the owner wants the ability to run a Gates carbon belt. Would I run one ? I really can't say. This is only the second belt-drive frame I have ever built so I don't think it is catching on in my shop but it is nice that Paragon makes hardware for the application.
This commuter frame will have the ability to run fenders and an Alfine internally geared hub as well as disc brakes. The fork will most likely be an Enve disc/cross fork.
Here's a detail of the rear of the frame where all the complex bits live. I guess one could even set the bike up with a 1x10 derailleur setup.......or single speed......the possibilities are many.


Cam said...

Looks good! I'm so glad Paragon came out with the post mount dropouts. So much cleaner that having to run an IS to post mount adapter for your caliper.

Ayreel said...

Lot of people out here are running the belt drive and love it. When I have you build me a SS I'm definitely asking for belt capability.

swiggco world said...

The next belt for me will be out of a Hennesy bottle....I hear it is going to be cold and rainy this weekend.