Friday, January 27, 2012

First batch of the year done

The four unpainted aluminum frames represent my first batch of 2012 , although I also built a couple of steel frames this month as well. Normally, six frames in a month would be pretty low for me but I was gone for eight days at the national cyclocross races...did I tell you that our team won the single speed race ? -Sure I did......I can't stop telling folks. Speaking of which....
This frame has a lot in common with Aaron Bradford's winning frame except that this rider is a lot taller and a bit heavier as well, hence the use of one of Mike Ahren's lower chainstay yokes.
This disc-only frame also has the big head tube for the tapered steerer carbon 'cross fork .
Here's a close look at the yoke and one of my last pair of NOS rectangle Easton 7005 chainstays. This frame will be at the NAHMBS but not in my booth......I'm sure you will see it there if you go.

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