Monday, September 26, 2011

Steel 'cross frame bound for Portland

Yes, that's Portland as in Oregon. I guess the customer for this frame decided that lugs, stainless logos and a two year wait were not in his case a selling point. I hope he likes what I built for him and I hope that he gets to thrash it in the incomparable sticky mud that is the regular track in Portland cyclocross racing.
No extra stuff here, just a bare bones steel racing machine with the only extra being the white painted on panels. There also is a matching fork but I didn't get time to photograph it. Suffice to say that it is a straight blade unicrown made to take some serious abuse.


Adam said...

There's my little red lobster and it's Looking fantastic!!!

Form follows function, all I wanted and nothing more. :)



Adam said...

Also I would like to add regarding your comments.

I believe you been building cross frames longer than most anyone in the U.S. I Certainly can't think of anyone who has built as many. That means allot more than lugs and logos.


Ayreel said...

I love seeing a true cross frame (sans bottle mounts)!

Mike said...

I like cross frames like yours in the plain vanilla flavor.