Friday, September 16, 2011

Hardtail frame for Texas

This frame is nearly the same shade as one of my guitars. I had to take a photo of the two of them side by side to show the difference.
The color of the frame looks a lot lighter when photographed outdoors but the photo shot inside my shop gives a more accurate representation of what the color looks like in person.
The frame is a cross-country frame for the most part but it can take a 100-120 mm shock .
Nearly all the tubing is made in the USA, nice in view of the difficulty in finding material actually manufactured in this country. I'm glad that there are still some people out there who believe that we don't have to import every D#$%^ thing from China.


steve garro said...

RAL 6027? everything here has been either light blue or light green for months!

Mike said...

that is a cool guitar (and bike)! I think a line of hardtail 29ers in Fender Custom colors would be cool. Fiesta Red, Seafoam Green, Shell get the idea!

swiggco world said...

Don't forget lake placid blue or fiesta red.....shoreline gold. Good idea !