Thursday, February 11, 2010

sorry , Santa......this isn't your sled.

This frame is not's a sled with a bit of a downhill slant. The 29er chassis is fitted with genuine Paragon Machine works sliding dropouts and BB shell. The tube set is all True Temper-a mix of OX and Verus tubes. This makes the frame have the distinction of being made entirely with USA materials, with the exception of the cable guides and bottle bosses. I figured that a close up of the wavy gussets would be good as I rarely put up photos that highlight this nautical feature.

This fellow wasn't needing room for the largest tires but with the sliders back I think the big meats will fit , nevertheless. It's always best to give people the option to go larger on tires......back in the late '80's it wasn't the style but nowadays with the variety of tires growing all the time its the thing to do.

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