Friday, February 19, 2010

A month in steel.

This blog might be getting a little repetetive.....a bunch of tig welded steel road frames all looking pretty much the same-at least that's how it appears. If you look closely you'll notice a few small distinctions. For one thing, none of the four road frames I have built in the last week and a half share the same tubeset. One is mostly True Temper, one is Columbus nivacrome, one is Reynolds 853/725 and the one I finished today was built from a mixture of Tange ultimate extrastrong and Dedaccai. This one pictured is bound for Santa Barbara and is the 853 frame. I'm talking everyone who is getting a steel road frame into a braze-on front der. as the big manufacturers have decided that 28.6 diameter seat tubes no longer exist . I beg to differ, they do in fact exist and about 90% of custom steel frames have them. I think it is a shame to have to use shims on a custom bike just to fit a front der. End of rant !


Peter W. Polack said...

FOUR frames is a week and a half?!

True, as you opine in your adjacent post, that your frames may not be ornate or, as pigeon-holed by the poster on another forum, could be classified as "boring", but it's obvious you're building bikes for people who are interested in RIDING them.

Your lead times are reasonable and and it's plain to see you're interested in getting frames out to customers without delay. Those are good things for cyclists who want quality without a lot of frills.

swiggco world said...

Speaking of delivery, your frame and fork should be ready to ship back to you on Thursday, all nice and satin like it should have been in the first place.

Matsfro said...

So stoked! I just hope I can finish getting my components together before the drive up. I want to explore some Santa Cruz hills.