Tuesday, February 23, 2010

more steel for feb.

People might ask me : " Why don't you use a wishbone seatstay on your 'cross frames ?" Well, to those folks I'll say that it is rare that a wishbone winds up on one of my cross frames but here's an example that has not only an wishbone seatstay but a headtube extention...also a rare feature on my bikes. these features are on the frame because the customer requested them and I feel that they pose no structural problem at all.....it's more a sylistic thing , the wishbone being used to stiffen up the rear triangle on an MTB frame might be a little stiff for a 'cross bike -not when the rider is 200 lbs. The stiffer stays are welcome additions for limiting flex during hard pedaling and braking. It's old school and it was fun to build. My own single speed 'cross bike is much the same.This frame inspite of its robust construction is only 4 lbs. 3 oz. , lighter than I thought it would be by at least 1/4 lb.


Traffic Bikes said...

Are those the Nova wishbone stays that you've added a bend to or something else?
Looks good as always.

swiggco world said...

Those are indeed the Nova wishbone stays and lately they have been better than in the past. They are most likely from a different factory than the ones from about a year ago.The chainstays are Columbus from Nova as well "KXCS". They were really hard to bend....always a good sign !