Sunday, August 3, 2008

Riding in and around Ashland

While I was up in Ashland in July I had a lot of free time after class and on weekends to explore the riding. Any ride in the area will require climbing and frequently I found myself above 5,000 feet , breathing a little harder than usual. The first picture is of a fire road decent from Horn Gap. On this road minutes from when I snapped the picture i hit a big rock and flatted both of my tires. I was carrying only one tube so I rode a rear flat on my single speed downhill about 7 miles back to my pretty much sucked but it was riding, nevertheless. The second picture is of a bench near Horn Gap where I stopped, took a photo and turned around for the long downhill that I wound up riding on one good tire at about 10 mph. The next two rides pictured were on hwy. 66. I was able to con a couple of students onto my daily escapades and various riding misadventures during the two week stay in Ashland. Having company out on the open highway was a big plus.


Brent said...

ah heavenly riding.
Yah, first big ride when i moved to Bend up on Mckenzie pass I got 4 flats.. doh. Was using up the patch kit fer sure.
Glad the cougars didnt get ya.

swiggco world said...

I heard about the cougars....I thought they were a local high school sports team.