Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The rack is full again

August is here and the new painter has finally belched forth the summer crop of new 'cross frames. What you see here is about one third of what I build in 'cross frames from June until November. There are still more at all three painters that I use, giving me the distinction of being able to build them faster than they can paint them. I wish it were the other way around as I do not like keeping folks waiting for thier frames.

Lightning does strike twice, at least in this case. Two years later I build another Alfie but not for anyone in particular. The proceeds of the sale of this frame will go to breast cancer awareness. Shimano has asked five framebuilders to produce five frames that Shimano will equip with thier 'Alfine" line of components. The bikes will be displayed at Interbike and then be raffled off with all the proceeds going to the aforementioned cause. This is one of the examples how occasionally a very large company in the bike buisiness will team up with the little guys to do something good. My hat is off to Shimano.


steve garro said...

i'm diggin' the lines on that rig, man! some great work there, man. steve.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Great looking frame. Like the drop outs!

Greg said...

Lookin, nice Capt Swiggco! Preppin' my Lobsters for the season as we speak (see www.mudandcowbells.com). Anyone heading to Cross Vegas? I'll be styling my Lobsters all pretty and such.

Keep on keepin' on Paul.